Web Design isn’t the only thing it takes to build a Website.

Most of you know you need a [jaw-dropping] website but don’t necessarily know the type of website you need for your business. Everyday, potential customers are searching the internet to find businesses like yours. If your website doesn’t speak louder than your competitors, you risk losing that business to the ones that do. Don’t give your customers a reason to doubt you or your business.

I believe each business is unique and therefore deserves to have a custom-designed website to best represent their company. There are multiple types of websites that can be developed. I have worked on a variety of different websites… E-Commerce, Informational, Entertainment, Portfolio, Media Brochure, Non-Profit, Educational, Personal, Web Portal, Real Estate, etc.

Although each website requires it’s own unique combination of information and assets; all successful websites should include the following same components: a killer design, a well-organized sitemap, SEO-friendly content, contact form, stunning photos & quality graphics.

1. Well-Organized Sitemap

A website sitemap is basically the table of contents for your story (business) and is the starting point for all web projects. It’s organizing and prioritizing your business information in a way that is simple to navigate for your website visitors. It’s also important to have it set up properly on your website so that Google can properly crawl your website accurately and efficiently.

If you are struggling to put a sitemap together yourself, this is also a service I provide. My process consists of researching your business industry to get a better understanding of the type of company that you are and the customer market that you serve. I then research your local and non-local competitors to get an idea of what information and implementations will be needed to have your website stand out amongst the rest!

2. SEO-Friendly Website Content

Quality website content is extremely important for not only informing visitors of your product or service but also for getting your business website put on Google’s nice list. Having well-written SEO-friendly content on your website can greatly increase your chances of improved rank on Google search results. I understand that not all business owners are fluent content writers (or if they are, they usually don’t have the time to write out pages of content in the midst of trying to run a successful business). No need to fret! I do offer these services as well. My process consists of researching your business service or product, as well as investigating your local and non-local competitors. This allows me to get a good understanding of the type of content and implementations needed to put you ahead of your competitors!

3. Eye-Catching Photography & Graphics

Choosing the right photos and graphics to use throughout your design can greatly increase the overall impact and conversions of your website. If you haven’t had a chance to collect strong images of your business product or service, or if you’re just starting this business, no need to worry! I have access to a wide variety of high-quality stock images and mockup files that I can edit or manipulate to best fit the look and feel of your website. Or if you’d like to take it a step further, I can refer you to an amazing local photographer that can help you with a professional photo shoot!

4. Responsive Design & Development

Did you know that over 80% of users will be visiting your website from their mobile device? No need to worry, all of the websites I design and develop are 100% responsive. Depending on the customization of your website design, it can sometimes take custom coding to establish the perfect layout for each different screen size. I’m a perfectionist so I make sure that all font-sizes, images and general layouts are accurately sized up according to the size of the screen it’s being viewed.

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